What we do

Bible For Pakistan:

As per my vision to spread the word of God in the world ,God has chosen me and my team from Pakistan where it’s not easy work to spread the gospel due to many issues ,thank God we are committed to make it possible without any danger and I proudly says that through this project we have distribute more than 4000 Bibles among poor people, Pastors, Evangelists, Churches etc.

Evangelism in Pakistan:

Pakistan is an Islamic country where 95% Muslim lives and 5% are Minorities like Hindus, Sikh, Christians etc As a Christian God given me vision to spread the gospel in all over Pakistan Through seminars, Conventions, Street evangelism, House to House preaching etc

Also want to tell you that through our Ministry God given us many Souls from Gentiles who they accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. Please keep us in Prayers & be our partner to grow the work of God in Pakistan.

Gift Distribution:

Distribution of Gifts among needy children always given us great happiness and peace in our hearts, it’s our annual program, under which we found poor and needy children in different areas of Pakistan who they wish but cannot purchase any kind of Gift for their childhood, through this project we have distributed hundreds gifts among them Please keep us in prayers and be partner to grow the work of God in Pakistan.