Upcoming Projects


To establish a Book Library in Pakistan is our upcoming plan because through our survey we have observed that Pastors, Evangelist, Decons etc do not have any commentary and Biblical Books for their spiritual growth even its great need as a pastor and evangelist that they should read Books but seems difficult due to their poverty therefore We CCG Ministry have plan to make it possible where on one platform they will come and read all kinds of Biblical Books free of cost and we assure you it will work in their lives to save many lost lives Amen Please prayer and be our partner to grow the work of God in Pakistan.


Bonded Labor:

Pakistan is an Islamic country where persecution and discrimination is on higher level with Christians therefore they are living in very miserable condition, Many Fundamentalist rich people always observe their condition and when they feel they need food for their hunger they go in their houses and offer them money as a loan with interest ,Through this great tool they trap people and families and when they cannot pay their loan back due to poverty they force them to work hard on their brick factories where they do hard work with their whole family like children ,women etc.

We have seen families are bound ,some are bound more than 25 years and it transfer from one generation to another generation etc

We CCG Ministry Pakistan have pain for those people and hope in Christ He will provide us resources to pay their debts back which can be $500,$1000, etc.So please keep us in prayers and be our partner to grow the work of God in Pakistan.


Kid’s School:

Education is most important need in our country where 75% are illiterate and due to this many issues raise like terrorism, corruption, religious fundamentalism, discrimination etc.

We CCG Ministry Pakistan believe that it can be eradicate through education because education is the great weapon to remove all bad things from society if society will be educate than peace will be prevail not only among nations even in individuals So we CCG Ministry Pakistan focus to educate our children through formal and religious education to make them strong and civilized ,for this purpose we need a educational institute where we will provide opportunities to those students who they cannot afford their fesses, shoes ,uniform etc due to poverty, So let’s be our prayer and financial partner to grow the work of God in Pakistan.