Testimony of pervaiz from Mustabad Kasur city 

My name is  Pervaiz. I live in village Mustafabad near Kasur. I was living very bad life. I didn’t know about Will and purpose of God for my life until, one day, Brother Javed Alam  and his team visited our village. They were distributing some Christian literature. My friends and relatives were excited to get free book.However,I was reluctant to receive it. They came to me and asked me if I know about Jesus Christ. I replied I know you are talking about Jesus Thing but I am not interested in it. They didn’t get annoyed but politely replied that ‘He loves me’, this statement touched my heart so much. They said me that He wanted to have fellowship with me. I was still hesitating but received that Christian literature and bible. The bible i received became the turning point in my life as through this book, I came to know God’s plan about my life and His will for me. Now I am saved and baptised .I praise God for this work in my life and appreciate the team of children care gospel ministries for reaching to me and helping me to reach to Jesus.


Testimony of Waheed from Hair 

My name is Waheed. I live in village Hair pind Near Lahore.I was magician. I didn’t know the power of Christ. I didn’t know that magic is prohibited by God. When Evangelist Javed Alam reached in our village they gave me book of God.They said, it is bible and if you would read it you will get God’s power.I accepted that gift and after few days, I started reading it. The more I read bible, the more I came to know that Jesus is son of God and he is Massiah and very powerful. I started hating magic because I came to know that magicine will not enter into God’s Kingdom.Now I have accepted Jesus Christ my LORD and living a life as Christian believer