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Evangelist Javed Alam

(Founder & Chairman)

My Testimony

I was an ordinary Christian before accepting Jesus Christ, my Personal Savior. I used to drink alcohol and was taking part in stern activities which leads me to take away from God and I was just a nominal Christian, while on the other hand my family members were faith practicing believers of Christ. All my own efforts to be a good Christian remained unproductive till the time, when I met Jesus Christ in a dream on year of 2000.

The time was summer 2000 when I was on tour to visit my uncle living in a town, Sadiq-a-bad (Dharki) , a district of Punjab, 1200 km.  Away from Lahore. The mixed communities (Hindu, Muslims and Christians) were living there. Instead of Christians the other communities have their religious worship place and even no one visit to these Christians for pastoral care. The time I spent there I used to read Bible in the evening and morning and many people come and sit along with me to listen the Scripture of God and the people were blessed with my this effort.

One night I saw a dream and Jesus Christ was asking me to preach the Gospel among the neglected communities. This dream makes me surprised. When returned to me home and share this vision to my family members. My father encouraged me to get admission into the Bible College and promised to support me. My father’s motive, encouragement and financial support made me possible to get admission into The Bible College and have completed the training of Pastor ship. Being a pastor, I have chosen the field to preach and distribution of Words of God at free of cost among the communities.

Since many years I have preached in open air meetings and have distributed thousands of Bibles and kids bibles at free of cost.

I request you to keep me up in your personal prayers to extend His Kingdome.

God bless you!!

Evangelist Javed Alam

Message of Evangelist Javed Alam

(Founder & Chairman)


Dear family in Christ,

Millions of Pakistanis living in far flung areas of Pakistan have never heard of Bible. Thousands of People do not even Know that how can they get a bible for themselves. Many of them are afraid of taking bible and lots of them do not have money to purchase a bible.

There are number of factors which make the access of people to bible difficult. There is always a risk of opposition from the enemy. and radical people of Islam sometimes creates lots of hurdles in the process of supply of bibles and Christian material. Regardless of all these problems and issues, we have observed a great hunger in the lives of people for the Word of God. We have seen that people are still ready to even put their lives in danger for one copy of bible. We have experienced the people’s lives changed when they read bible. We have many testimonies like this that a person got God’s word somehow and that Word of God changed and transformed the person and later his community through him.

Such hunger and thirst in the heart of people is our motivation and inspiration. It always inspires us that if the recipients are ready to receive the Word of God, we the giver (medium) should also be bold to accomplish the task and reach to as many cities, towns and villages as possible.

We believe Word of God can change the fate of Pakistan and this country can play a vital role in 10/40 window.

Therefore, the task of biblical literature distribution is vital, effective and extremely important job which cannot be ignored or replaced by other methods of evangelism.

Such a need can be accomplished only through unity and ambition of reaching to these people. We the team in Pakistan is busy accomplishing this great task. When God inspires your heart to join us in this endeavor. You can contact us and contribute your love gifts to show your love for the people of God in Pakistan.

We appreciate your heart for reading it and we believe in God’s will you will contact us at your earliest.

Your’s in Christ,

Evangelist Javed Alam (Founder and Chairman)

Children Care Gospel Ministries

Lahore, Pakistan

Evangelist Maria Javed

Evangelist Maria Javed.

Message of Evangelist Maria Javed

Greetings in the Mighty name of LORD Jesus Christ,

When I see children around me, struggling for their lives, my heart becomes very compassionate. Unluckily, Pakistan is among those countries, where children and women are marginalized citizen. Their rights are violated so much.

I have felt a great urge in my heart for the rights of children. Then God put this burden on my soul that we (Me and My husband) should come forward for the raising up of a generation of children to be leaders rather slaves. I praise God that my husband has the same mind and we were one in purpose.

Therefore we started to think how we can help these children. Through prayers, we were able to formulate a holistic plan for the children of Pakistan. Our plan was to reach to those children, who are living in darkness, have no future or hope. Our plan was to help them to get biblical literature in their own language, Sunday school teaching and kids’ discipleship program. Our gift distribution program really touched the hearts of those children and through this program; we were able to transform their lives.

We have been doing our best in the resources in hand, however the need is big and we believe God will move your heart and you will stand in this very noble cause raise up a Godly generation of Children in Pakistan.

Therefore, come forward and help these children morally, spiritually, practically and financially.

God bless you

Evangelist Maria Javed

Children Care Gospel Ministries.